Do you have Trouble selling your Art?

Do you have trouble selling your Art or Crafts online? Not to sure where to turn ? Here is a list from over at Artsy Shark that may give you some ideas or places to look into. I’m know that I’m going to try some of them out to see what happens. I’m not endorsing any venues; these are a resource only. I’m am going to check some out and if I have any luck I will report back.

I’m on Deviant Art,Fine Art America and A Singular Creation Art Community with just a small offering but they have a nice contest listing. I still have been unsucessful at selling anything yet. I really would like to know if any others have some thoughts on where to try.

Where to Sell Your Art or Craft Online 

1.   3BStreet – A fun and quirky site with great visuals where you get your own animated storefront. Artist participation is juried, with a monthly fee as low at $9.95 per month + 3% of all transactions.

2. – Photography site – store your photos, share them and sell them. Features work of beginners to experts. Sell your work by opening a “store” account, which is available to free as well as paid memberships.

3.   AbsoluteArts – Claiming to be “the most trafficked contemporary arts site” it offers levels from free to premier. Artist bio/statement and portfolio displayed with shopping cart.

4.   AffordableBritishArt (UK Site) – Artists sell their work with no middleman, commission free, but there is a charge to have an account (4 tiered levels). You must have a PayPal account to receive payment for your work.

5.   Amazon – Upload your images to sell on one of the biggest marketplaces on the web. Jewelry is a huge category here, but you are competing with manufactured items.

6.   American Handmade Crafts – Free trial (with $35 setup). Monthly fees starting at $12, and each artist can list hundreds of items for sale. They provide a shopping cart.

7. – This highly ranked e-commerce site has a division called Artist Rising, where emerging artists can upload images. They provide a print-on-demand service to sell your work. Two levels of membership – free and paid.

8.   Artaissance – This  juried site is looking for sophisticated art that is suitable for art publishing, and is run by well-known frame manufacturer Larson-Juhl. If your work fits the bill, you can go through a submission process to become one of their featured artists.

9. ArtBomb – (Canadian site) Dubbed as “a daily online art auction featuring carefully curated works of art from artists across Canada.” Selected artists must provide them with 50 email addresses of friends and supporters. Reserve price is set. Art Bomb takes 50% of selling price.

10.   ArtBreak – Describing themselves as “a global community of artists sharing and selling their work on the web,” this site is a commission-free way to upload images and sell with a shopping cart. Curiously, their blog and social media sites are inactive.

The full list can be found :


About lion6255

I am a multidisciplinary experimental artist. I have turned my attention to experimental Fractals. A lot of my Art Images are of Fractals and for those who do not know what a Fractal it is an image built with math, a repetition of the same geometric module over and over, Self same similarity if you will, with different dimensions, according to a mathematical function. Fractal geometry is a new way of looking at the world; we have been surrounded by natural patterns, unsuspected but easily recognized in everything and everybody. I use several different programs to blend and manipulate the range of possibilities allowed through my choices. Some may not consider my work Art but I assure you I put as much work, blood sweat and tears if not more into my work. I believe that the quality of the actual work is what is paramount. Please visit my work and won't you be the judge let me know what you think!
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2 Responses to Do you have Trouble selling your Art?

  1. BuddhaKat says:

    A great start with some great research results. I like that you share some facts about each site, as well.
    I like FAA, DA, RedBubble, Zazzle, though my sales have been limited to Zazzle and mostly to friends/relatives.

    • lion6255 says:

      i also like Singular Creation but there you have to be prepared to ship the clients purchase out. And being a starving artist I can’y always comply with that so I have put anything much up. The site is awesome though. Thanks for your thoughts!

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