So I log on to Deviant Art,it is

So I log on to Deviant Art,it is a site for Art, early this morning and got the shock of my life. My heart almost stops my ears start burning I’m totally alone but my face blushed. I hardly can contol myself.

I got a Daily Deviation on “Mandelbulb Ceiling”.

Now for those you that are very unfamiliar with this it would be like if a community like facebook gave out 20 prizes a day for just 20 posts. Not to 20 people mind you but just one of their posts. The odds of this happening are totally unrealistic.

I never understood why people got so in a fix about winning a DD but I do now. i have never really thought about awards unless money was involved would mean that much to me.It is a very high honor to be suggested and then to be accepted.It has made me a little high all day.

Now here is the other part of the story that was amazing.I have been over there for a while and I just enjoy my Art Photography and Fractals mostly and a few people notice and give comments or Favs and it make you feel really great that someone other than yourself enjoys all your hard work but when over 4,000 people yes that right Four Thousand people thinks so that is totally amazing. It is a feeling that is totally unlike no other. I’m so very appreciative of all of their comments and favs.

Now what would be great if someone would notice me and want a Piece for themselves or a Art Show.I would like to think or keep hoping that some of my  work would be worth buying and or seeing.After this wonderful thing that has happened to me do you really think I’m being greedy??????? I keep thinking that is the wrong thing to be thinking after this wonderful event has just happened to me.

Have a look at what has made my day a wonderful exprience Here:


About lion6255

I am a multidisciplinary experimental artist. I have turned my attention to experimental Fractals. A lot of my Art Images are of Fractals and for those who do not know what a Fractal it is an image built with math, a repetition of the same geometric module over and over, Self same similarity if you will, with different dimensions, according to a mathematical function. Fractal geometry is a new way of looking at the world; we have been surrounded by natural patterns, unsuspected but easily recognized in everything and everybody. I use several different programs to blend and manipulate the range of possibilities allowed through my choices. Some may not consider my work Art but I assure you I put as much work, blood sweat and tears if not more into my work. I believe that the quality of the actual work is what is paramount. Please visit my work and won't you be the judge let me know what you think!
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