Dances in The Dark By Catwrx

A Fractal friend of mine Sixx Ryan just posted a wonderful Video/Movie that she has been working on for awhile. I was so proud for her that I just wanted to share it with you. She composed the music Rendered the fractal. She can do it all.She is so very talented and it defiantly deserves a look and listen.
In her own words this is how she went about the process
” I used the regular movie maker and it took three days to render 1550 frames which I had to multiply to 3100 frames and speed them up just a bit to go with the instruments in my song. 1550 frames at 1 second creates about 3.10 minutes of movie. I used high quality/half size and stretched to fit. I also have a Mac and I use iMovie.”
Please f you like it leave a comment or click liked.


About lion6255

I am a multidisciplinary experimental artist. I have turned my attention to experimental Fractals. A lot of my Art Images are of Fractals and for those who do not know what a Fractal it is an image built with math, a repetition of the same geometric module over and over, Self same similarity if you will, with different dimensions, according to a mathematical function. Fractal geometry is a new way of looking at the world; we have been surrounded by natural patterns, unsuspected but easily recognized in everything and everybody. I use several different programs to blend and manipulate the range of possibilities allowed through my choices. Some may not consider my work Art but I assure you I put as much work, blood sweat and tears if not more into my work. I believe that the quality of the actual work is what is paramount. Please visit my work and won't you be the judge let me know what you think!
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