Tree Of Souls

Tree Of Souls

I just released this wonderful Image over at Deviant Art.
This was Rendered in a software program called JWildfire. You may be interested in a print please contact me. If not please just sit back and enjoy.
Just another little update well it is kind of a big update for me. After this week of being given a Daily Deviation on one of my works I followed up with this.I feel so honored this “Interworkings Of A Motor” Image has been featured along with some other wonderful Fractal Artists over on “painting-with-lights” profile page
Thanks for keeping up with me ! I would love hear any thoughts or Critiques on any or all of my work. I have pretty thick skin. To me the only way to improve is to be opened minded and listen to what may make your efforts better.

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Do, Don’t and Myths about Snake Bites and your Pet.

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Rattlesnake Bites the Dog
The dos, the don’ts, and the mumbo jumbo myths

, DVM |

Originally posted on July 11, 2012

We all love to bask in the California sun and rattlesnakes are no exception. Snakebite envenomation is something that is frequently seen in the ER, in fact, we treated three pets for this just this past weekend alone! Sadie, an 11-week old Cocker Spaniel, was one of those patients. She was gardening with her Mom when a rattlesnake bit her.

Poisonous snakes of the United States belong to two groups: pit vipers and elapids. Pit vipers are the largest group and include at least 26 subspecies of rattlesnakes (Crotalus spp.), with the Western Rattlesnake being the most common in our region. Click this link for an excellent resource guide that includes pictures of the many species of California rattlesnakes.

How does the venom work?
An understanding of the function of venom is helpful in appreciating how envenomation works. The snake uses its venom to immobilize the victim and predigest body tissues. There are over 50 types of enzymes in pit viper venom, with a minimum of 10 in any individual snakes venom.  Additionally, there are many other non-enzymes present in the venom, called killing fractions, which are 50 times more toxic than the “crude” venom. When the venom destroys the body tissues, it is possible for up to 1/3 of a pet’s body fluid to be lost into the tissue spaces within several hours, which can result in life-threatening drops in blood pressure resulting in shock.

What makes a bad bite worse?
Several factors influence the severity of snakebites. The most important factors are the volume of venom injected and the toxicity of the venom itself. Other factors include:

  • The amount of regenerated venom since the last bite: there is more venom and it is more concentrate if the snake hasn’t bitten in a while.
  • The age of the snake: younger snakes have more “potent” venom.
  • Aggressiveness of the snake: the more threatened they feel, the more concentrated the venom.
  • Motivation of the snake: offensive strikes are more severe.
  • The size of the pet being bitten: smaller dogs and cats are more severely affected than large dogs due to their small body size to venom ratio (less body to “absorb” the amount of venom).
  • The size of the bite.
  • The location of the bite: the “best” place to be bitten is in the legs or face as the regional swelling and changes in the local blood supply can actually slow the uptake of the venom; envenomation to the body is more concerning as the broader area allows for the venom to be absorbed more rapidly; bites to the tongue are the worst and result in rapid and devastating clinical signs.
  • The time elapsed from bite until seeking medical treatment.
  • The amount of physical activity since the time of the bite.

What are the general signs of a snakebite wound?
Snakebites are not always easy to diagnose, especially if it was an unobserved bite and if a pet has a heavy hair coat that may hide puncture wounds. With pit viper bites, you can usually see bleeding puncture wounds and single or multiple puncture sites may be observed. The initial signs are marked swelling, which is due to the tissue destruction and body fluid “leaking” into the damaged area (see the picture of the little Chihuahua, showing a what a typical bite to the face looks like). Clinical signs may develop immediately or be delayed for several hours. Bruising and skin discoloration often occurs within hours of the bite because the venom causes the blood to not clot. There is usually intense and immediate pain at the site of the bite, which helps differentiate snakebites from other causes of swelling, and swelling is generally progressive for up to 36 hours. You can also see collapse, vomiting, muscle tremors, and depression in breathing.

What to do if a snake bites your pet:

  • If your pet is bitten by a snake, it is best to assume it is a venomous bite.
  • Seek veterinary attention as soon as possible!
  • If the swelling is not in the face, muzzle your pet (if you can do it safely) to avoid being bitten: snake bites are very painful and your pet may unintentionally snap at you; if the swelling is in the face, avoid touching this area all together.
  • Immobilize the part of your pet that has been bitten by the snake, if this can be done safely; try to keep the area at or below the level of the heart.
  • Keep your pet calm and immobile, carry if necessary.

What NOT to do (and the mumbo jumbo myths)

  • Do not try to suck out the venom! (This technique only works for John Wayne in old Western movies).
  • Do not attempt to “make an X” and cut open the area around the bite (you will only cause a wound).
  • Do not bother to use a Snake Bite Kit or Extractor Pump (they will actually do more harm to your pet- and your wallet!).
  • Do not apply ice to the area: this constricts the blood vessels locally and actually concentrates the venom causing severe muscle damage to the area.
  • Do not rub any substances into the bite: the venom has entered the blood stream, and any substance applied topically is ineffectual.
  • Do not apply a tourniquet: you will only succeed in causing further tissue damage and possibly create a need for limb amputation.
  • Do not allow your pet to move about freely.
  • Do not attempt to capture the snake for later identification (you’d be surprised…)

Tips for prevention:

  • Stay on open paths while hiking with your pet.
  • Keep your pets on leash away from high grass and rocky outcrops where snakes like to rest.
  • Don’t let your pet explore holes or dig under rocks.
  • Keep an open ear for that telltale rattling noise and keep your pet at your side until you determine where the sound is coming from, and then move slowly away.
  • If you see a snake that sees you, remember that a snake can strike only a distance of half its body length; give the snake time to “just go away” as they are not looking to interact with you or your pet.
  • Don’t let your pet examine a dead snake as they still can envenomate.
  • For around your home: cut off the snakes food supply and shelter by mowing close to the house, storing firewood away from the house, plugging up holes in the ground, and limiting birdseed waste which can attract rodents to your home.

What is the treatment?

Since the onset of clinical signs can be delayed for several hours, all pets that have been bitten by a snake should be hospitalized for at least 12 hours and ideally 24 hours. Although most pets generally need to be supported and monitored, the vast majority (95%) do survive with early and proper treatment.

Antivenom is the only proven treatment against pit viper envenomation, and the earlier it is administered, the more effective its action.  The biggest downside to antivenom is cost, and it can range anywhere from $450-$700 per vial.  Usually a single vial will control the envenomation but several vials may be necessary, especially in small dogs or cats.  Many animals may do “fine” without it, but it does decrease the severity of clinical signs, as well as speed overall recovery with a reduction in complications. Blood work is also recommended to monitor your pet’s platelet count as well as clotting times of the blood. IV fluid support, intensive pain management, antibiotics and wound monitoring are required for best clinical outcomes. Blood and plasma transfusions are sometimes needed in severe envenomation.

What about the vaccine?
There is a “snake-bite vaccine” that may be useful, but there have been no controlled studies for its effectiveness. The main benefit of the vaccine is that it may create protective antibodies to neutralize some of the injected venom, and in turn may lessen the severity of the clinical signs. One of the biggest myths is that if your pet has had the vaccine, then they don’t need to be treated if they are bitten; this is not true, and they still require the same treatment despite being given a vaccine or not!

Thankfully, most snakes will try to avoid you and your pets and typically only bite as a last resort. But if your pet does happen to get bitten by a snake that you think might be venomous, it is best to err on the side of caution and get medical attention immediately. As always, feel free to ask questions or leave comments!

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City of Richmond Needs Volunteers for the Washington Redskins training camp

              Image                         RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – The Washington Redskins are offering free game tickets and a ride to FedEx field to Richmonders who volunteer at the Washington Redskins Training Camp this summer.

The City of Richmond and the Redskins said they are looking for 100 people to take part in the Richmond Training Camp Ambassador program.

Volunteer ambassadors would work either from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. or noon to 6 p.m., during the team’s four-week training camp. During that time the ambassadors help answer visitors’ questions.

[WATCH: Man flies drone over Redskins training camp]

“Richmond Training Camp Ambassadors will help put the best face on our city and its many amenities as they assist visitors and showcase the very best the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Camp has to offer,” Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones said in a statement.

Volunteers will be rewarded for their time:

  • Three shifts = Washington Redskins Pin
  • Five shifts =  2nd Washington Redskins Pin
  • Seven shifts = autograph session with Redskins players and coaches
  • Ten shifts = trip for two to Washington Redskins home game
  • Twelve or more shifts = trip for two to Washington Redskins home game, plus be part of a special on-field pre-game presentation

Redskins training camp runs from July 25 to August 16. Redskins Training Center is located at 2401 West Leigh Street.

Click here for more information.

Original Blog can be found here: 

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Freebie Png

I thought as a way to generate some views and appreciation for my followers.I would offer a Free PNG file to my followers today I hope you like it.It is a fractal rendered by me in Incendia. It can be used in any Photo manipulation for personal use. It CAN NOT be use for profit or as a standalone image. If it “IS” as such will be considered a copyright infringement and can be prosecuted. Please enjoy my work!

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So I log on to Deviant Art,it is

So I log on to Deviant Art,it is a site for Art, early this morning and got the shock of my life. My heart almost stops my ears start burning I’m totally alone but my face blushed. I hardly can contol myself.

I got a Daily Deviation on “Mandelbulb Ceiling”.

Now for those you that are very unfamiliar with this it would be like if a community like facebook gave out 20 prizes a day for just 20 posts. Not to 20 people mind you but just one of their posts. The odds of this happening are totally unrealistic.

I never understood why people got so in a fix about winning a DD but I do now. i have never really thought about awards unless money was involved would mean that much to me.It is a very high honor to be suggested and then to be accepted.It has made me a little high all day.

Now here is the other part of the story that was amazing.I have been over there for a while and I just enjoy my Art Photography and Fractals mostly and a few people notice and give comments or Favs and it make you feel really great that someone other than yourself enjoys all your hard work but when over 4,000 people yes that right Four Thousand people thinks so that is totally amazing. It is a feeling that is totally unlike no other. I’m so very appreciative of all of their comments and favs.

Now what would be great if someone would notice me and want a Piece for themselves or a Art Show.I would like to think or keep hoping that some of my  work would be worth buying and or seeing.After this wonderful thing that has happened to me do you really think I’m being greedy??????? I keep thinking that is the wrong thing to be thinking after this wonderful event has just happened to me.

Have a look at what has made my day a wonderful exprience Here:

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Broken Heart

Broken Heart

It has been a while since I have tried to Manipulation anything. Well I had a little time this afternoon so I attempted this one. Of course I had to add some of my own fractals. The heart, the circles and the flares are my fractals rendered by me. The Heart was Rendered in a software program called Incendia. The circles and flares or the Julia fractal were rendered in a software program called JWildfire made by a guy named Andreas Maschke.

The Splitting of Ideas…. of Intent and Joy that creates a tear in the fabric of one’s emotional Being….of loss of connection and a sense of loneliness and isolation. So here you go “Broken Hearts” Just Released!

I really would like to have a lot of feedback on this. That is the only way for me to learn and improve.
If you like it please let me know what most pleases you about this.
If you do not and have an idea what would make it better please share this with me.

Copyright Lion6255..This is not to be used for ANY purpose.

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Bobcat orphans getting care at the wildlife center in Kirtland: Animals in the News |

For anyone living in Ohio? There is alot of animal rescue work that certainly could use some help. Bobcats to Dogs,Great Danes,Horses,turtles,Roosters,Cats,Alpaccas,Greyhounds and Dashshunds.Please read through and see if there is anything you can do to help.

Thought I would also mention there is a great Parrot rescue in Ohio Raven’s Haven. It is run by a wonderful lady named Sherry that also is doing amazing work. here’s a link to here Facebook Page:

Of course there is always Phoenix landing Foundation.We are out of Ashville NC. With Phoenix Landing tho things are a bit different.We have a building in Asheville but out in the field there are dozen of foster Mommies and Daddies all up and down the eastern seaboard even over to Ohio,PA,SC,Va,DC,MD.They can be found at Phoenix Landing.Or

Please don’t Breed or Buy….ADOPT a Homeless Pet today!!!!!!!

Bobcat orphans getting care at the wildlife center in Kirtland: Animals in the News |

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Do you have Trouble selling your Art?

Do you have trouble selling your Art or Crafts online? Not to sure where to turn ? Here is a list from over at Artsy Shark that may give you some ideas or places to look into. I’m know that I’m going to try some of them out to see what happens. I’m not endorsing any venues; these are a resource only. I’m am going to check some out and if I have any luck I will report back.

I’m on Deviant Art,Fine Art America and A Singular Creation Art Community with just a small offering but they have a nice contest listing. I still have been unsucessful at selling anything yet. I really would like to know if any others have some thoughts on where to try.

Where to Sell Your Art or Craft Online 

1.   3BStreet – A fun and quirky site with great visuals where you get your own animated storefront. Artist participation is juried, with a monthly fee as low at $9.95 per month + 3% of all transactions.

2. – Photography site – store your photos, share them and sell them. Features work of beginners to experts. Sell your work by opening a “store” account, which is available to free as well as paid memberships.

3.   AbsoluteArts – Claiming to be “the most trafficked contemporary arts site” it offers levels from free to premier. Artist bio/statement and portfolio displayed with shopping cart.

4.   AffordableBritishArt (UK Site) – Artists sell their work with no middleman, commission free, but there is a charge to have an account (4 tiered levels). You must have a PayPal account to receive payment for your work.

5.   Amazon – Upload your images to sell on one of the biggest marketplaces on the web. Jewelry is a huge category here, but you are competing with manufactured items.

6.   American Handmade Crafts – Free trial (with $35 setup). Monthly fees starting at $12, and each artist can list hundreds of items for sale. They provide a shopping cart.

7. – This highly ranked e-commerce site has a division called Artist Rising, where emerging artists can upload images. They provide a print-on-demand service to sell your work. Two levels of membership – free and paid.

8.   Artaissance – This  juried site is looking for sophisticated art that is suitable for art publishing, and is run by well-known frame manufacturer Larson-Juhl. If your work fits the bill, you can go through a submission process to become one of their featured artists.

9. ArtBomb – (Canadian site) Dubbed as “a daily online art auction featuring carefully curated works of art from artists across Canada.” Selected artists must provide them with 50 email addresses of friends and supporters. Reserve price is set. Art Bomb takes 50% of selling price.

10.   ArtBreak – Describing themselves as “a global community of artists sharing and selling their work on the web,” this site is a commission-free way to upload images and sell with a shopping cart. Curiously, their blog and social media sites are inactive.

The full list can be found :

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Just released!
I always wonder what is out in the big cold world. This was made in Manderbulb 3D and rendered for a couple of hours . Post processing done in Cs 5. I hope you enjoy it!

Len1 wondering whats out there + copy

Copyrighted Material by Lion62552013

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I could use some help with votes!!

National TV Contest Update
I currently have three images entered in National TV Photo Contest.   Voting ends on June 30th.   Here is how I’m doing so far:


Red Hot Poker
As soon as your image receives 250 votes from the general public, it becomes eligible for the juried voting round.   The jury will pick five winners to appear in our national TV commercial (see below).
Fred The Parrot
14 Votes
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As soon as your image receives 250 votes from the general public, it becomes eligible for the juried voting round.   The jury will pick five winners to appear in our national TV commercial (see below).
Mama Bird
9 Votes
Share this link on Facebook / Twitter:
As soon as your image receives 250 votes from the general public, it becomes eligible for the juried voting round.   The jury will pick five winners to appear in our national TV commercial.
 Any Votes would really be great help to me! Thanks ahead of time!!!!
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